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As a qualified teacher with a post-graduate certificate in post-compulsory education and training, I deliver training high quality to Businesses, Educational Settings and Counsellors & Psychotherapists on a broad range of topics from Motivational Management Training to Mental Health Awareness.  Take a look at some Training Testimonials to find out why you should chose me to deliver training to your staff.  Contact me to enquire about more bespoke training packages designed to meet your organisation's needs.


Training Managers and Staff

Mental Health Awareness

A government report, (Thriving at Work) found that 70 Million work days are lost annually in the UK due to mental illness. 


Give your staff and managers the knowledge to enable them to better recognise the early signs and symptoms of poor mental health in order to support and empower them to access early help and continue to thrive at work.

Time Commitment: Half a Day

Cost: £300*

Motivational Management Training

Support your managers to become authentic leaders who understand how to motivate themselves and their staff.  In this training your managers will explore why they respond the way that they do to certain workplace scenarios.  They will gain a deeper understanding of how they can motivate themselves and get the most from their staff team to increase productivity while avoiding stress and overload.

This training draws upon neuroscience to explain behaviour and responses in the workplace in order to work with, rather than against them.

Time Commitment: Half a Day 

Cost: £300*

Managing Stress

Time off for stress and other mental health difficulties is estimated to cost employers in the UK between £33 and £44 Million a year (Thriving at Work).  Stress can come from many places in this fast paced world, but it often affects our ability to manage our workload and can lead to further mental health difficulties when we fail to recognise and manage it.  


This workshop will give your staff and managers the skills to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in themselves and their colleagues.  It will also give them a toolbox of techniques to manage stressful times better in order to de-escalate their stress response and take better care of their mental health.

Time Commitment: 2 hours

Cost: £250*

Educational Settings


Training Staff and Parents

Understanding Mental Health: A School Perspective

This training is for teachers, SENDCOs, family support workers, pastoral managers, teaching assistants, learning mentors, lecturers, school counsellors, and anybody else that works with children in a formal setting.

Using some of the latest research in neurophysiology, this training will give you a new language which will enable you to understand and talk about mental health with colleagues, children and young people.  You will learn about trauma, anxiety, depression, attachment and other mental health difficulties, understanding how these conditions affect the brain and body and can manifest as challenging behaviour. 


Perhaps most importantly, you will leave with some practical strategies to support your most vulnerable pupils, both individually and in the classroom.

Time Commitment: One Full Day

Cost: £350* 

Understanding Suicide and Self-Harm

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK and has been for some years.  School staff tell me regularly that they are approached by children as young as 8 years old with disclosures of suicidal thoughts and self harm.

In this training your staff will gain a deeper understanding of what might cause thoughts of suicide and self harm and how they can support young people and their families while managing risk and safeguarding the children and young people in your setting.

Time Commitment: Half a Day

Cost: £250*

Positive Parenting Workshop

This is a workshop for parents who want to learn more about how to understand and support their children to manage their behaviour and emotions effectively.  

During this workshop parents will learn about the way that the brain and body responds to different types of parenting techniques.  They will explore why it is important for their children's feelings to be heard and acknowledged and how to do this whilst setting firm boundaries in order to ensure that their child feels safe and supported.

Time Commitment: 2 hours

Cost: £150*

Counsellors & Psychotherapists


Training for Mental Health Professionals

Working with Suicide in Private Practice

This is training for counsellors working in (or planning to work in) private practice.  Together we will explore this question 'Is it safe to work with suicidal clients in private practice?'  


You will gain a deeper understanding of your own personal beliefs and limitations around working with suicidal clients and develop a working with suicide policy statement for your private practice.


You will also develop practical skills around safety planning and supporting suicidal clients to move forward.

The next training events are on :

-  Friday the 7th August 2020. 10am - 3pm.  This is an online workshop - places are limited to 10 to ensure safety of participants. Please use this link to find out more about the training and to purchase tickets:

This training costs £57 per delegate (4 hours CPD). 

Making Room for Ambivalence in Motherhood

This training is suitable for professionals who work with women who are mothers in a variety of settings. 


Suicide is the biggest killer of new mothers in the UK in the first year after birth.  In this training Emma will share her research  which explores why so many women are finding the transition to motherhood so difficult.  She will also discuss the implications of this research, and what we can do as professionals and as a community to make this transition less traumatic for new mothers. 


Emma is a counsellor who has published research in this important area, she works therapeutically with mothers and mothers to be in her private practice.

Training dates coming soon...

This training costs £45 per delegate (3 hours CPD).  

An Introduction to The Polyvagal Theory and its Uses in a Therapeutic Setting

Based on Stephen Porges' revolutionary research into the Vagus Nerve, this training will explore how the Autonomic Nervous System affects mental health whilst striving to keep us safe.

You will understand how we, as mammals, have developed 3 states of being; Safe and Social, Fight/Flight and Shut-down, and how and why we can become stuck in any of these states.  We will explore the implications of this for mental health and well-being.   You will leave with a toolbox of ideas and techniques to support your clients to move up and down the Polyvagal 'ladder' of states in order to empower them to understand how to engage their own safe and social state.  These techniques can be used with clients who present with a range of difficulties including Anxiety, Attachment, Depression, Anger, Relationship Difficulties and Trauma.

The next training events are on Friday the 10th July (online) and Friday the 9th October 2020, 10am - 4pm at Winnington Hall, Northwich Cheshire, CW8 4DU. 

This training costs £63 for online training in July and £75 per delegate for face to face in October (5 hours CPD).  Please use this link to find out more about the training and to purchase tickets:

10th July (online)

9th October (f2f)

Please get in touch using the button below if you would like me to come to you to do training on any of the above. I can adapt these training packages to meet your organisation's needs.

*Prices may vary slightly dependent on location.


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